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Ok lets make things simpler

2/2/13 by cmperry1984

If you want to make request for a song, right now i am only taking request for 8-bit era(NES, SMS, Ect) and 16-bit Era(SNES, Sega Genisis, Ect.)

So leave your requests here please thanks.


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Three words:
You. Are. Epic.

3/24/13 cmperry1984 responds:

thanks man

Please do Star Light Zone from Sonic 1. It would be great! :D

3/18/13 cmperry1984 responds:

yeah sure no problem

:) you have some really awesome chiptune

3/12/13 cmperry1984 responds:

Thanks glad to hear it

I love your music!
Thumbs up!

2/24/13 cmperry1984 responds:

well thanks dude, i appreciate it. do you have any requests?