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Looking for suggestions

2012-10-05 17:34:37 by cmperry1984

Looking for suggestions on what i should make next as far as video game remixes or remakes

Let me know, cus i just honestly dont know what i should do next.

so let me know what you guys want to hear.

And i will try to make it happen.



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2012-12-15 18:35:13

Do Mega Man 3 Wily stage 1. It's goooood.


2012-12-15 18:40:02

Or Mega Man 3 Wily stage 2. :D

cmperry1984 responds:

both of these songs are uploaded now, check them out.

thank you for requesting something, if you have more suggestions leave them.


2012-12-24 07:57:12

Your beard is beautiful :'D

cmperry1984 responds:

well thanks.


2012-12-28 17:51:43

Have u tried making the tetris theme?

(Updated ) cmperry1984 responds:

yeah i have done that one already...... isten/451922


2013-01-13 18:53:56

do something original :U


2013-01-16 22:31:44

skyrim-song of the dragonborn?
half life 2 theme?


2013-01-19 07:34:45

You shaved your amazing beard T_T
Anyway try making "Another Winter" from the scott pilgrim soundtrack

cmperry1984 responds:

I'll see what i cant do.

By the way its just an older picture from this summer, don't worry the beard is still intact for right now. It is about 9F right now in central Minnesota with a wind chill of about -1F. So yeah the beard is not coming off anytime soon.