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megaman38019 Live stream

2017-04-02 20:25:31 by cmperry1984

Trying to do live stream tonight about 7:30pm Central time


Will be playing Wii U games

A new Youtube channel

2017-03-02 21:52:43 by cmperry1984

I had to make a new youtube channel.  So anybody who was subscribed to me before on youtrube please sub to my new channnel.



My YouTube and Twitter

2016-06-09 20:00:13 by cmperry1984

Here is my YouTube Channel


And here is my Twitter

New Youtube Channel

2016-05-28 17:21:47 by cmperry1984

Its not much right now but here is the first video

I will be uploading all of my new music on Youtube for now on.

Im Done

2016-01-31 13:34:24 by cmperry1984

im done making music or anything else for that matter for newgrounds.  Im not deleting my account, but i wont be posting anymore stuff on here. If i find another website ill let you guys know.

New Youtube video up

2013-04-13 22:39:40 by cmperry1984

Lets Play: Pocky and Rocky 2-Part 1

Starting up a new lets play video Click the Link to see.

Just like before I will give away something at the end of the game playthrough.

Hope you enjoy.

youtube contest stuff

2013-04-03 23:12:22 by cmperry1984

hey who like to win free stuff.

Watch these videos then subscribe to my youtube channel and comment on the last video and you can win some free stuff.

Lets Play: Mega Man X

Ok lets make things simpler

2013-02-02 09:39:36 by cmperry1984

If you want to make request for a song, right now i am only taking request for 8-bit era(NES, SMS, Ect) and 16-bit Era(SNES, Sega Genisis, Ect.)

So leave your requests here please thanks.

Looking for suggestions

2012-10-05 17:34:37 by cmperry1984

Looking for suggestions on what i should make next as far as video game remixes or remakes

Let me know, cus i just honestly dont know what i should do next.

so let me know what you guys want to hear.

And i will try to make it happen.